The following ‘Terms and Conditions’, otherwise known as the agreement between you and Phoglight, need to be read for more information about our services, before setting up your Phoglight account. Your use of our services is expressly conditioned on your compliance with these ‘Terms and Conditions’ and any violation may result in the termination of said service(s). These ‘Terms and Conditions’ may vary or change. Therefore, we advise you to check this page often.


1- Your Submissions

When submitting a picture and using one or more of our services, the posting of any defamatory, threatening, inappropriate, nudity, indecent exposure or behavior, seductive purpose, and/or abusive material is ill advised. If published by a known or anonymous address, Phoglight reserves the right to permanently delete the abusive account.


 2- Public information

All images submitted to us by you, the customer, will not be in any way shared or made public. Every material posted and/or edited by Phoglight remains confidential.


3- User Security

Upon creating your Phoglight account, you will be asked to choose a password to enter every time you need to access our website and request our services. Any information or credentials related to accessing your account or sharing said information with another person is entirely your responsibility unless you notice an unauthorized login. In this case, please make sure to notify us as soon as possible to resolve the issue accordingly. Otherwise, we will not be held accountable for any loss or damage pertaining to your account information and security.


4- Payment & Billing

Phoglight’s payment gateway involves third-party processors, and customers or users are therefore subject to their respective terms, conditions and privacy policies. Should you encounter any issues with the provided third-party processors, Phoglight will assume responsibility and resolve the issue accordingly.


5- Revision Policy

Our revision policy includes 2 free revisions within 7 working days from the delivery date of the first edit. Revisions will be done within the same service scope, noting that any comments or edits needed should not conflict with those provided with the initial submission. Each revision takes the same amount of time as the first edit, unless the customer’s new instructions are more complex.


6- Termination of Business

Phoglight has the authority to refuse, suspend or delete any account for any reason, with or without prior notice. You, the customer, therefore agree to any of the aforementioned consequences without attempting to set up a new account under any name, yours or otherwise.


7- Changes and Updates

These ‘Terms and Conditions’ may vary or change at any moment, as previously mentioned. As such, you will have to visit this page often in order to stay up to date with our plans and procedures. Should you continue to use our services after the changes take place, you will have automatically agreed to the new ‘Terms and Conditions’.