Photographer taking a picture | ABOUT US


Anyone can point and shoot nowadays, especially with the pool of mobile apps available within your reach. What’s missing, is a brilliant edit that’ll turn your picture into a masterpiece, and we’ve had more than a decade of practice in that area. Whether it’s purely personal or business, we’ll keep calibrating your lens until the picture you asked for exceeds your wildest expectations.

Phoglight offers professional photo editing services in the simplest, easiest, uncomplicated, unburdensome, most delightful, professional, delicious way possible. Whether you’re the sharpest or flattest person in the biz, we’ll make sure your needs are met at a super affordable price.

By the way, we’re based in Beirut, Lebanon, and we may be one of the tiniest countries in the Middle East, but we’re the biggest showoffs when it comes to pictures!